My attempt at Christmas 2013

So I am feeling inspired today for Christmas. This might just be the year I dont wait until December 23rd to finish shopping. Maybe someday I can be like my sister in law and have it all knocked out by July, but for now I am just hoping to put more thought on my gift giving then the traditional gift cards.

I shall get CRAFTY! I have been known too before, so why not now. Let me show those that I love that I took the time to create for them a masterpeice.

I am stopping after work to get the items needed to attempt the following projects I got off of here is my items to complete this week:

Birthday Board Reminder

Autumn Entry Way Wreath

Doll Bunk Bed

Supplies should be on the super cheap,  So I am off to the Habitat Recycle store and dollar store as well!

Tomorrow I will send pics and updates on which ever luck craft I try to tackle tonight! Should be interesting


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